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Arc Pilates Alicia on the Reformer

Arc Pilates is located in a quiet and tranquil space just off High Street on the border of Preston and Thornbury.

We are a small team of four dedicated to looking after your well-being, challenging your fitness and educating you on how to exercise. Pilates is fantastic for training core stability and rehabilitation.

But it is more than that. Pilates can increase your movement potential. It’s about how we move from our centre, how alignment impacts our well being and how we overcome the chronic aches and pains of 21st Century life.

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Alicia Moran Arc Pilates Preston Portrait

Alicia Moran

Alicia brings to Arc Pilates a wealth of experience teaching to all ages and abilities.

She has been teaching for 16 years in Melbourne and London. She is a principal member of Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA) and a member of Pilates Foundation UK.

Catherine Magill pilates teacher Arc Pilates

Catherine Magill

Catherine has 24 years of experience teaching Pilates, including rehabilitation, elite training and general fitness.

She is a Level 4 Practitioner with the Australian Pilates Method Association and frequently presents teacher-training workshops.

Mike Green

Mike Green

Mike has been teaching pilates for 15 years in London, New Zealand and Sydney and is currently studying osteopathy at Victoria University.

Mike holds qualifications with the Pilates Foundation UK, and the Australian Pilates Method Alliance


Jasmine Scibilia

After over 10 years of practising Pilates, Jasmine completed her Matwork Instruction at National Pilates Training in 2018. Her studies focused on the benefits of Pilates during Pregnancy and having recently given birth she brings knowledge and practical experience to our Prenatal Mat classes.

Alicia Teaching Pilates Class

Our Mat Classes offer a great introduction to those new to Pilates. These classes progress over time but always start with the fundamental technique.

Our individually tailored group Studio Classes use the Pilates equipment and are suited to people who wish to deepen their practise as well as people overcoming acute or chronic injury. Private Studio Classes are available for those needing one to one attention.

Pilates Studio Class on reformer

Member of

Arc Pilates Member of Pilates Alliance Australia