Postnatal Pilates Mat Class
Wednesday 12:15pm-1:15pm
Bookings essential.
Babies Welcome.
8 week class pass $160
Individual class $25
Please contact Alicia to book your dates
Getting back to exercise after having a baby is a very individual thing. For me it was about 7 weeks after my daughter was born that I managed to get to a pilates class. It was more about organising logistics, leaving my baby long enough between feeds than how I was feeling physically. Some mothers are keen and able to start exercising within weeks of childbirth whilst others need to take a bit more time to recover and reconnect with their body after what might have been a difficult birth. There is no formula, every woman is different.
When you are ready pilates has many positive emotional and psychological benefits. Getting out of the house and doing something for yourself will benefit your mood, your sleep and your nervous system. And you can bring your babies with you!

If your baby doesn’t fit the manual of eating and sleeping at set times and you find it difficult or stressful to plan ahead you can attend these classes on a drop in basis and pay individually. If you have a baby that does have a routine and goes anywhere with ease an 8 week class pass might suit you.

In these classes I will focus on pelvic floor awareness and its relationship to the rest of the body, improvement in the separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), gluteal strength to enhance pelvic stability, opening up the upper body to rebalance the carrying and feeding postures and upper body strength.

Hope to see you soon and your baby soon

Alicia x
(and my Ernie & Evie above)

Leonie Delaney

Signing up with Alicia at ARC Pilates is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my overall health, both mind and body. After having 3 children, my core stability and strength is better than it was before. Alicia’s easy going manner, wealth of knowledge and ability to challenge you just enough means that every week I am learning something new and pushing myself further than before. I always leave feeling invigorated and ready to tackle another week!