Prenatal Mat Classes at Prana House

Level 1/885 High St.Thornbury VIC 3071 Australia

These classes will help support your body through pregnancy and empower you to have a positive birth experience. Alicia will focus on pelvic stability and pelvic floor awareness, crucial for a pain free pregnancy and post natal period. Upper body strengthening and releasing of shoulder tension will add support to your body. Finally Alicia will spend time working with the breath to develop an awareness of its power during labour and its role in deep relaxation. Reviews of the course can be seen below.

Tuesday 7:40pm-8:40pm

Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm

Classes run in the terms listed below. You can sign up to a term, a flexible 8 week pass or buy single classes. We welcome people to join mid term, select either the Flexible (8 weeks) or pay for classes on a casual basis depending on how much of the term remains. See below for pricing options.

Term 1

21st January – 12th April 2019

Term 2

23rd April – 29th June 2019 (no classes Anzac day)

Term 3

15th July – 27th September 2019

Term 4

7th October – 20th December 2019


SUPER KEEN (10 Weeks)

2 classes per week.

FULL TERM (10 Weeks)

weeks on your chosen day (Tuesday or Thursday). If you can't make your chosen day for one or two weeks you may make it up on the other day.

FLEXIBLE (8 Weeks)

weeks on your chosen day (Tuesday or Thursday). If you can't make your chosen day for one or two weeks you may make it up on the other day.
CASUAL (1 Week)
One class drop in. Payment at the studio available.

SUBSCRIBE (10 weekly payments)

Once a week on your chosen day but pay weekly. Minimum subscription 1 complete term. Subscription will end automatically at then end of a term.

All class packs expire at the end of term.


I have just started Alicia’s prenatal class and it has completely exceeded my expectation. I have never looked forward to a pilates class so much! Not only has Alicia created a welcoming, sharing and supportive space for pregnant women, she is an amazing teacher who encourages people to connect with their bodies and what they can do. I find the classes engaging, innovative and encouraging. At the end of class I have not only completed a work out, but I have learnt something new about my body and its journey during pregnancy and after. Thank you!

From Google Reviews by Jasmine Scibilia

Jasmine Scibilia

I am so glad that my Osteo got me in touch with Alicia. Suffering from hip dysplasia, hyper mobility and labral tear repair, I knew my pregnancy journey was going to be a hard one. I starting seeing Alicia when I was 8 weeks pregnant and yes I have still have pain and have suffered from SPD, but the amount of pain is nothing to what I would have experienced if I wasn’t having my regular sessions with Alicia. Alicia keeps in regular contact with my osteo and phyiso to ensure that her sessions align with their treatment plans and provides me with a program that is perfectly suited to my conditions. If you are looking for a studio that has a personal feel, and a very safe pair of hands ARC is the place to go.

From Google reviews by Liz Bowler

Liz Bowler

The prenatal course is so valuable and perspective-altering. You don’t just get exercise but practical strategies to cope with pain, a sense of calm about your own capabilities, and a heightened understanding of your body’s strength and your ability to control the birth experience.

Small classes so plenty of scope for useful advice and feedback from a very down-to-earth teacher, plus opportunities to hear about the experiences of other mothers/pregnant women. Believe it or not it has made me look forward to labour! Very grateful to have met such an experienced and encouraging teacher in Alicia: she’s excellent.

From Google reviews by Kirsty Wilson

Kirsty Wilson

The 8 week prenatal course is fantastic and if you’re like me and many others, you’ll continue going well beyond the 8 weeks. Alicia provides a fantastic small group environment in which to share her knowledge on pilates and experiences with child birth. Conversation is encouraged so you learn a lot from the other mums and mums to be too which I found invaluable as a first timer. Alicia doesn’t just teach pilates she provides coping strategies and breathing techniques for labour and the confidence to trust your own body. I had the natural, drug free birth I wanted and felt in control and confident with my ability to breath through it and be mobile. I have no doubt Alicia’s training had an enormous amount to do with this.

From Google reviews by Lisa Delahunty

Lisa Delahunty