Pre and Postnatal Pilates

At Arc Pilates we offer you two choices of pilates class if you are pregnant or returning to exercise after having a baby; Mat or Studio classes.

Mat Classes

Our Prenatal Group Mat Class is perfect for you if you have a straightforward, low risk pregnancy and you would like to strengthen your mind and body in preparation for a positive birth experience. The group mat classes gives you a chance to meet other pregnant women and be in a supportive environment.

Once you’ve given birth and have been given the all clear to exercise by your medical practitioner you can come with your baby to the Mums and Bubs postnatal mat class during the day or attend one of our evening mat classes.

Studio Classes

The studio classes take a more personalised approach and we recommend them if you are experiencing pelvic instability or pain during your pregnancy. Postnatal, the studio classes are ideal if you’ve experienced some pelvic floor damage, Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles)  and need more care and guidance around your exercise programme. Studio classes are also great if you want to work with the equipment to deepen your pilates practice.

Prenatal Pregnancy Pilates

Prenatal Pilates