Lisa Delahunty

The 8 week pre natal course is fantastic and if you’re like me and many others, you’ll continue going well beyond the 8 weeks. Alicia provides a fantastic small group environment in which to share her knowledge on pilates and experiences with child birth. Conversation is encouraged so you learn a lot from the other mums and mums to be too which I found invaluable as a first timer. Alicia doesn’t just teach pilates she provides coping strategies and breathing techniques for labour and the confidence to trust your own body. I had the natural, drug free birth I wanted and felt in control and confident with my ability to breath through it and be mobile. I have no doubt Alicia’s training had an enormous amount to do with this.

Kirsty Wilson

The prenatal course is so valuable and perspective-altering. You don’t just get exercise but practical strategies to cope with pain, a sense of calm about your own capabilities, and a heightened understanding of your body’s strength and your ability to control the birth experience.

Small classes so plenty of scope for useful advice and feedback from a very down-to-earth teacher, plus opportunities to hear about the experiences of other mothers/pregnant women. Believe it or not it has made me look forward to labour! Very grateful to have met such an experienced and encouraging teacher in Alicia: she’s excellent.

Leonie Delaney

Signing up with Alicia atĀ ARC Pilates is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my overall health, both mind and body. After having 3 children, my core stability and strength is better than it was before. Alicia’s easy going manner, wealth of knowledge and ability to challenge you just enough means that every week I am learning something new and pushing myself further than before. I always leave feeling invigorated and ready to tackle another week!