At Arc Pilates our studio classes are tailored to you, the individual.

We start with an initial consultation so you can tell us your goals and we spend time looking at your body, observing how you move and teaching you some fundamentals of the Pilates technique.

Reformer with Tower at Arc Pilates Studio

If you are injured or in pain we begin with movements that are designed to relax your nervous system, calm your breathing and help reduce tension in the body. Our aim is to build trust, working safely and without aggravating pain.

Alicia Moran Pilates instructor teaching on Rehab Reformer with Tower

Communication is vital for us to understand what your body is experiencing so we ask questions and offer alternatives if a movement doesn’t feel right in your body. Our interest is in what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

Ladder Barrell, Wundachair, Arc at Arc Pilates Studio

The Pilates equipment is designed to offer both assistance and resistance. The Reformer, Cadillac, Wundachair and Ladder Barrel are each unique and offer an endless number of exercises to strengthen, mobilise and support your body.

Whilst for new clients the equipment can seem a bit intimidating, as you learn how to work with it, you will discover how it can mobilise your spine, provide safe load bearing to your bones and joints and increase your movement potential.

Studio Class Schedule


with Alicia

with Catherine

with Alicia


with Mike


with Alicia

with Alicia

with Catherine


with Alicia

with Catherine and Mike


with Alicia


with Alicia and Mike

with Alicia and Mike


Please note. New clients must contact the studio to book an initial consultation date before purchasing.

Initial Consultation

All new studio clients must undertake an initial consultation. Please contact to book a time.


Individual Small Group Class

Your individualised program in a 75 minute class with up to 3 others in the studio.


Set of 5 Pilates Studio Classes

Set of 5 individual studio classes


Set of 10 Pilates Studio Classes

Set of 10 individual studio classes


Private Studio Class

One to one 60 minute class tailored to you.


Set of 5 Private Studio Classes

Set of 5 one to one 60 minute class tailored to you.


Please note our 24 hour cancellation policy and see our terms and conditions

Studio classes are great for all age groups and levels of fitness.

Alicia Moran on Reformer